Giving to Carlow University

When you give to Carlow University, you provide transformational learning experiences that enable students to realize their full potential and become career-ready ethical leaders committed to a just and merciful world.

Steeped in the rich history and mission of the Sisters of Mercy, responding to unmet needs has become a hallmark of Carlow University, one which is impressed upon our students throughout their time here. Alumni are asked to pay forward the opportunities and support they received, so that future generations of Carlow students can do good and do well.

I am beyond grateful to have received a scholarship! This scholarship makes me strive to be even more successful with my education and pursue what I’m passionate about. I am inspired to become more knowledgeable about my area of study and immerse myself in my education at Carlow University. I am truly thankful to the donors of Carlow University!

Mary Opipery, Biology Major, Class of 2022
Carlow University donors Susan J. Fishburn and John Nicoson.
Susan Fishburn and John Nicoson

Paying it Forward

For more than 37 years, Susan J. Fishburn, Class of 1974, has answered that call with consistent and loyal giving to the Carlow Fund.

“Like so many others, I have a debt to Carlow I can never repay . . .so I do what I can…”

Susan never felt mentorship as completely as she did at Carlow. The faculty instinctively knew how to support and challenge students at the same time and always tried to raise students to their highest intellectual level. “The young female faculty gave us real examples of women who have families, who are brilliant, and who are leaders in every way! They were a generation or two ahead of their time!”

Carlow provided the environment that formed the best parts of the person Susan is today. The faculty in History and English Literature, her 2 majors, as well as psychology, philosophy, theology, and integrated arts, made the greatest contribution to her pleasure and understanding of different cultures and arts across the globe.

“Like so many other, I have a debt to Carlow I can never repay . . .so I do what I can. My husband had parents who sacrificed so he could be well educated; he is often in awe of what Carlow gave to me.”